Tibol lobit radio (episode one)

TIBOL lobit radio (episode 1)

hosted by dj Pollux
length: 1 hour and 28 seconds of a diverse collection of lobit music
interview/special guest : Toxic Chicken

llisten / download podcast:
listen / download archive.org:

*cat, Great – hometown jazz club elite cunts [32kbps]
on the album Shitty Bike EP (SEPPUKU+ netlabel)

*Microbit Project – ACIDrug [32kbps]
on the album Beat Box (Microbit-Records)

*Graffiti Mechanism – K-hole physics (8kbps rec)
on the album RED (8 Ravens)

*Pollux – Antarctica [8kbps]
on the album Antarctica [8 Ravens]

*Jimmy Slaughter – On The Motherfucking Run
on the album Northwave Gangsta (20kbps rec)

*Vivcaro – Oincaos [20kbps]
On the album Plautz3 (20kbps Rec)

*The Pink Blob – You Ruined My life [40kbps]
on the album you ruined my life (4m@)

*RedSk – Jammed Bluefisted [40kbps]
on the album JAMFISTED COLON BURNING BLUE (Microbit Records)

*Qygen – TetraHydroNOSTALGiA [48kbps]
on the album I AM IAMS HAMSTER HAM FEED ZOH (4m@)

*Cryovolcano – Deadbird Hailstorm [64kbps]
on the album 007 (Rejected netlabel)

*JKP – meeeooow [24kbps]
on the album bleep-bleep-booom-booom (20 kbps rec)

*jjoth – 9 [8kbps]
on the album Academaniac (8 Ravens)

*Mr Dee – Untitled [48kbps]
on the album untitled (4m@)

*neuroSampler – micMacro [40kbps]
on the album psyhop (microbit records)

*psycho mum – alarm alarm! [16kbps]
on the album the acid team (Microbit Records)


*Interview of Kai Nobuko (aka Toxic Chicken)


*Toxic Chicken – Micro Punk (Complete E.p) [16kbps]


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3 responses to “Tibol lobit radio (episode one)

  1. Wow, I enjoyed that, I hope you will keep this up, it is exactly what lobit phreaks needed, a radio show!!!!

    : D

  2. Neil DER

    Cracking stuff guys, I’d been considering doing something similar for a while, now I won’t need too, you’ve done it so well! Keep up the good work. The lobit world thanks you!

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