TIBOL lobit radio show (episode 5)

TIBOL lobit radio (episode5)
hosted by
dj Chicken
length: 1 hour ++ of various amazing lobit music, from ambient / noise / and great electronica!
interview/special guest : Neil Jennings (the owner of Diskette Etikette Records!!!)

listen / download podcast:
listen / download archive.org:
1 Toxic Chicken -robots in outer space (unreleased / microbit records)

2 unknown – bling3snip (floppyswop)

3 the pussykillers – drugs drums and tetris (dramacore)
from the album
the pussykillers – game over motherfucker!

4 overthruster – dead rabbits apocalypse  (dramacore)
from the album
overthruster – i’m glad you’re back

5 syncretic – break recover repeat (microbit records)

6 big sugar victorious– sticky viscous gel (20kbps)
from the album
big sugar victorious – high adventures at lo fidelity

7 Harry Belafonte – archive.org is gay (stars in rehab)
from the album: harry belafonte – tali mi banaana

8 Pollux – Co² Is Out (20kbps)
from the album
Pollux – Music Is My O²

9 Emotti ON – Don’top (dramacore)
from the album
Emmoti ON – Monofixation

10 Sascha Müller – Krankenhaus Traxx 5/5 (Diskette Etikette Records)
(from DER015: Sascha Müller – Krankenhaus Traxx)

11 Asksihesh – Sjswi (Unicode music)
from the album
Askshihesh – Yert

12 Fm-Ra – YouAreTheLight (Diskette Etikette Records)
from the floppy:
Fm-Ra – Timeless (DER003)

13 Fabio Rosho – noivilbo (Diskette Etikette Records
(from DER011: Fm-Ra/jjoth/Fabio Rosho/Darkslider – Impossible Worlds Remixed)

Interview with Neil Jennings of Diskette Etikette Records

in the background:
14 Graffiti Mechanism – A (Diskette Etikette Records)
(from DER019: Graffiti Mechanism – send-ROM-files)

15 Microbit Project – Japan Park (Diskette Etikette Records)
(from DER010: Various Artists – Now That’s What I Call Retro-Futurism Vol.1)

second part of the interview with Neil Jennings of Diskette Etikette Records

16 Consistency Nature – Descend to Heaven (Diskette Etikette records)
(from DER022: Consistency Nature – Within the Finite)


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3 responses to “TIBOL lobit radio show (episode 5)

  1. this is so good, i’m just at the beginning for the moment and this is perfect! We will continue to past the word… the love of the lowbit, the lovebit! ❤

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