Tibol Lobit radio show (The Love Letters to Lobit epic episode)

Tibol Lobit Radio Show – Love Letters To Lobit epic episode

hosted by
: Rainbow Valley (Graham Boosey)
length: 1 hour ++ of lobit love & affection in a musical infotainment epic lovely lobit love letter episode
special guests stars:
Adam Crammond (Graffiti Mechanism),
Consistency Nature (Dishdawash),
Arnaud Barbe (Pollux) ,
Kai Nobuko (toxic chicken)

listen / download podcast:
download / stream @ archive.org:


Enko – IOE2

from the album: Air Gss (8Ravens)


Contribution from Adam Crammond

Celtic Rhythm – Dynamic Bust

from the album: Min. Cutz (20kbps)


Consistency Nature – Omnipotent Bedlam at Bombay

from the album: Various Artists – Now That’s What I Call Retro-Futurism


Contribution from Dishdawash Arnett  

Graffiti Mechanism – CE

from the album: Onom (8Ravens)


Pollux – Do I Have a Soul

from the album: Music is My 02 (20kbps)


Contribution from Arnaud Barbe

C4 – Silhouette

from the album: Inner Visions (20kbps)


Cryovolcano – Chokka

from the album: 003 (4m@)


Contribution from Cryovolcano  

Origami Repetika – Audrey

from the album: Audrey (20kbps)


Toxic Chicken – If you are my Cat I will be your Chicken

from the album: Various Artists – Floppy Comp (4m@)


Contribution from Kai Nobuko, including –

Graffiti Mechanism – Piano and Rain (snippet)

from the album: various artists – kaigrafcovtox (sirona records)


Microbit Project – Trumpetyashka (snippet)

from the album: Various Artists – Funderground Vol.5 (4m@ records)


Graffiti Mechanism – Decimator (snippet)

from the album: Graffiti Mechanism – Tetrisity (Top Of The Flops)


Cryovolcano – Ample Opulence (snippet)

from the album: various artists – all stars of low bitrae (Microbit Records)


Neurosampler – lounge00653

from the album: Neurosampler – In Da House (Microbit Records)




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6 responses to “Tibol Lobit radio show (The Love Letters to Lobit epic episode)

  1. Oh my! This is fantastic, it’s like an anniversary episode of the most incredible radio show ever! Can’t xwait to listen to it!!!

    • In this wonderful episode your lovely host Graham Boosey, better known as ‘Rainbow Valley’ invites you
      on a wonderful lobit music love orgy of lobitinfotainment! in this special epic episode he has asked some of his
      favorite lobit artist to join him to express their feelings about lobit & also to try to find there favorite lobit track.
      the friendliness of Rainbow Valley, the coolness of Adam Crammond, the wind on the mind of Consistency Nature, the sweet love of Arnaud Barbe,
      The informative transmission of Cryovolcano, the favorite tracks of the moment from kai nobuko all resulting in one mega epic episode of pure lobit love!
      next to these handwritten oral love letters to lobit, Rainbow Valley also serves you a delicious audio meal of well chosen lobit tracks for pure audio eargastic enjoyment! a pure pleasure indeed! 🙂 ❤

  2. falco

    Really enjoyed this show. Thank u 4 putting this together & hope to hear more soon

  3. Simply awesome, the cardinals of lobit have spoken.

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