Tibol Lobit Radio Show (episode 16) /the physical episode/

hosted by Flat Affect (http://www.flataffectnoise.com/)
length: one hour of a free epic episode where your host takes you on a physical adventure of physical amazing ‘commercial’ lobit releases!
special guest/interview: Adam Crammond!!! (THE Adam Crammond!)

listen / download podcast:
download / stream @ archive.org:


Rainbow Valley – Somnium (8kbps)
Diskette Ettikette Records

Alexander Bianco – Untitled 3 (40 kbps)
SP Records

jjoth – Waste (darkslider remix) (16kbits)
Diskette Ettikette Records

Flat Affect – Evolution Track Six
(Unreleased 1999; Undefined bitrate)

Graffiti Mechanism – C (8kbps)
Diskette Ettikette Records

Dogprodz & Flat Affect – Altered States (8kbps)
4m@ Records

Flat Affect – Abduct (toxic chicken remix) (16 kbps)
Unidentified label

Pollux – Cross & Crisis (16 Kbps) SP Records
[SP Unreleased]

Back to the Fucking Future – DLR (16 KBPS)

Consistency Nature & Flat Affect (16 Kbps)
[SP Unreleased Kbps format]


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9 responses to “Tibol Lobit Radio Show (episode 16) /the physical episode/

  1. This collage is amazing!!

  2. falco

    Really Enjoyed This Way Of Personal Presentation And Loved The Diversity Of Music Styles. Very Good Episode.


  3. This episode is so classy and funny at the same time! very good job my friend!

  4. dr. Stuttgard

    loved this concept and way of presenting was excellent and fun. hope for more where this came from

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