TIBOL answers & questions

*what is TIBOL lobit radio?
TIBOL is a radio show (podcast) completly dedicated to lo bit music,
their artists and the unstoppable lobit netlabel scene.

*what can i expect while listening to TIBOL?
we spin a diversity of great sounds/music with the only rule that it has to be encoded in 8 to 50 kbps.
we also deliver news, interviews with characters from the lobit scene and give directions where to download the works in every show.

*Who makes TIBOL?
tibol is made by the lobit community. by its music, musicians, sound engineer, nerds, freaks & you!
the running force for now are a dream team of passionate lobit freaks with an lobit addiction.
(be carefull it can happen to you too, this addiction!)

*TIBOL lobit dj’s/hosts:
DJ Pollux (episode 1 & 4, 8, 14),

DJ Chicken (episode 2 & 5, 12, 13, 15)

DJ Madam Adam (episode 3 & 6, 9)

Neil Jennings (episode 7)

Hectic Head (episode 10)

Rainbow Valley (episode 11)

*TIBOL contains lobit-info-tainment. guests who appeared on the show so far:
Kai Nobuko / Toxic Chicken (artist & noodle eater)   /episode 1 & 11/
Jjoth (atist and owner of the 8Ravens netlabel)    /episode 2/
Cryovolcano (artist who kicks hi fi ass!)   /episode 3 & 11/
Consistency Nature (sound hypnotist and bug killer)    /episode 4/
Neil Jennings (owner of Diskette Etikette Records) /episode 5/
Adam Sigmund (aka the wicked artist Origami Repetika) /episode 6/
Rainbow Valley (not a place for unicorns, but the creator of musical light beams  on cassettes & floppy-discs /episode 7/
Fabiorosho (the wonderful music maker and beeb generator!) /episode 8/
Swin Deorin (the human beatbox!) /episode 10/
Adam Crammond (the most coolest talented guy on the planet!) /episode 11/
Pollux (creative sociopath and prolific good guy filled with lobit love) /episode 11/
Evgenij v Kharitonov / Microbit Project (the prolific multi tasking lobit musical genius!) /episode 12/
D0x10 / Jukka-Pekka Kervinen (amazing experimentalist & owner of sphicot, tharoop & slogre records /episode 13/
FlashRoyal /Aleksandr Kireyenko (great creator & explorer of never heard before sounds! & good guy!) /episode 14/
Irrlicht Project / Pater Maria (nomadic lo fi trash explorer and explorer of the 1bit sound!) /episode 15/

*what is lobit music?
it is music encoded in a low bit rate. check Wikipedia for more info.

*Are you all freaking  nuts or what?
yes we are completly mental and we love it. if you listen to tibol we believe you will also get addicted to lobit and will be even more nuts like us. you’ll understand the universe my friend!

*why a radio show with lobit music?
thats a very racist question in a hifi dominated world.
We think the lobit music scene and its great musicians deserve a radio show.
to explore new music, forgotten releases, promote great music in a punk-ass  beautiful compact size.
plus we see it as an invitation for  people outside into a lobit world.
if the music is good than it is probably even better sounding in lobit. we are all about good quality!

*when does the next show hit the web? what is the frequentie?
nobody knows, we are all bizzy individuals, free from any structure.
just keep an eye on the site if you are hungry for more!

*and please remember:
its either our way (lobit) or the hifi way!


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