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Tibol Lobit Radio Show (episode 16) /the physical episode/

hosted by Flat Affect (http://www.flataffectnoise.com/)
length: one hour of a free epic episode where your host takes you on a physical adventure of physical amazing ‘commercial’ lobit releases!
special guest/interview: Adam Crammond!!! (THE Adam Crammond!)

listen / download podcast:
download / stream @ archive.org:


Rainbow Valley – Somnium (8kbps)
Diskette Ettikette Records

Alexander Bianco – Untitled 3 (40 kbps)
SP Records

jjoth – Waste (darkslider remix) (16kbits)
Diskette Ettikette Records

Flat Affect – Evolution Track Six
(Unreleased 1999; Undefined bitrate)

Graffiti Mechanism – C (8kbps)
Diskette Ettikette Records

Dogprodz & Flat Affect – Altered States (8kbps)
4m@ Records

Flat Affect – Abduct (toxic chicken remix) (16 kbps)
Unidentified label

Pollux – Cross & Crisis (16 Kbps) SP Records
[SP Unreleased]

Back to the Fucking Future – DLR (16 KBPS)

Consistency Nature & Flat Affect (16 Kbps)
[SP Unreleased Kbps format]



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