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Tibol Lobit Radio Show *Microbit Records Special* (episode 12)

Tibol Lobit Radio Show The Microbit Records special episode
hosted by DJ Chicken
length: 1 hour  ++ of a special experimental electric psychedelic mix of great music with 3 things in common: great, lobit & microbit records!
special exclusive interview with the amazing:
Evgenij v Kharitonov aka Microbit Project
listen / download podcast:
download / stream @ archive.org:

1. Pearls For Swines – Silver sundays
from the album:
various artists = microbit split # 2: Disturbance

2. Neizvestnost – skeza
from the album:
Neizvestnost – pauki-zloumshlenniki (ep)

dn76e – nz0055847
from the album:
dn76e – N1ZHP ISSUE

4. Hypsmoik – Albania
from the album:
various artists = microbit split # 2: Disturbance

5. neuroSampler – nightSong
from the album:
neurosampler – psy-hop

6. Cryovolcano – cryovolcano
from the album:
Cryovolcano – 001

7. Bezizgiba – Per aspera ad Astra
from the album:
Bezizgiba – per aspera ad astra

8.  GERT 3000 – Deuxiem_Bananas
from the album:
Gert 3000 – Kuba (EP 2008)

9. COnsistency Nature – Palaces Of Mildew
taken from the album:
Consistency Nature -Solipsistic Domicile

10.  Razxca – mwerpoier
taken from the album:
Razxca – Mwerpoier

11. Die Society Die – The Crows Sang Sorrowful Hymns Of Death And Despair As They Circled His Broken Corpse
taken from the album:
Die Society Die – Redemption (ep 2008)

12. Lust – iskusstvoznanie
taken from the album:
Lust – Schastie (2007)

13 Mikhail Lezin – compilation 2008
from the album:
Mikhail Lezin – Oil Pastel 1990 – 2001 compilation 2008

14 i AM esper – breathless
from the album:
I AM esper – Attic Recordings 2009

15 mhz – music processing plant
taken from the album:
mhz – the processing plant

16  Pollux – Frustration
taken from the album:
Pollux – Old works from the beginning

EXCLUSIVE INTENSIVE (all what you want and need to know) INTERVIEW with
Evgenij V. Kharitonov aka M-I-C-R-O-B-I-T P-R-O-J-E-C-T /Eugenkha
multi instrumentalist, sound explorer, poet, lobit hero and the big boss behind microbit records!!

on the background snippet of
Microbit Project – underground acid dance floor
released on Top Of The Flops

17 microbit project – far limit
released on Lome records [lome014]



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Tibol Lobit radio show (The Love Letters to Lobit epic episode)

Tibol Lobit Radio Show – Love Letters To Lobit epic episode

hosted by
: Rainbow Valley (Graham Boosey)
length: 1 hour ++ of lobit love & affection in a musical infotainment epic lovely lobit love letter episode
special guests stars:
Adam Crammond (Graffiti Mechanism),
Consistency Nature (Dishdawash),
Arnaud Barbe (Pollux) ,
Kai Nobuko (toxic chicken)

listen / download podcast:
download / stream @ archive.org:


Enko – IOE2

from the album: Air Gss (8Ravens)


Contribution from Adam Crammond

Celtic Rhythm – Dynamic Bust

from the album: Min. Cutz (20kbps)


Consistency Nature – Omnipotent Bedlam at Bombay

from the album: Various Artists – Now That’s What I Call Retro-Futurism


Contribution from Dishdawash Arnett  

Graffiti Mechanism – CE

from the album: Onom (8Ravens)


Pollux – Do I Have a Soul

from the album: Music is My 02 (20kbps)


Contribution from Arnaud Barbe

C4 – Silhouette

from the album: Inner Visions (20kbps)


Cryovolcano – Chokka

from the album: 003 (4m@)


Contribution from Cryovolcano  

Origami Repetika – Audrey

from the album: Audrey (20kbps)


Toxic Chicken – If you are my Cat I will be your Chicken

from the album: Various Artists – Floppy Comp (4m@)


Contribution from Kai Nobuko, including –

Graffiti Mechanism – Piano and Rain (snippet)

from the album: various artists – kaigrafcovtox (sirona records)


Microbit Project – Trumpetyashka (snippet)

from the album: Various Artists – Funderground Vol.5 (4m@ records)


Graffiti Mechanism – Decimator (snippet)

from the album: Graffiti Mechanism – Tetrisity (Top Of The Flops)


Cryovolcano – Ample Opulence (snippet)

from the album: various artists – all stars of low bitrae (Microbit Records)


Neurosampler – lounge00653

from the album: Neurosampler – In Da House (Microbit Records)




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TIBOL lobit radio show (episode 2)

TIBOL lobit radio (episode 2)

hosted by dj Chicken
length: 1 hour and 8minutes of a diverse collection of lobit music
interview/special guest : Jjoth, about his 8ravens netlabel

listen / download podcast:
listen / download archive.org:

Prosper Prowano – sindeticon (floppyswop)

neuroSampler – noisology (microbit records)
from the album neuroSampler – PHLEGMATIC DIRTY DANCES

Maxi Single feat. Adolf Neger – Blütezeit (20kbps)
from the album Maxi Single feat. Adolf Neger – Blütezeit

Flashbob -To All My Bastlerz (floppyswop)
from the album Badger’s Boogie 3 1/4

the pink blob – mono (lome netlabel)
from the album 16 kbps heaven

i AM esper – turquiose (microbit records)
from the album Attic recordings 2009

Graffiti Mechanism – Funky Robo Joe (4m@ records)
from the album grafmechacid

Fuicide – Nobody Paid Any Attention To Us (unaware records)
from the album

nuno maltez – liebe (rejected)
from the album 32kbps grammophon

Pollux – anarchy (4m@ records)

Die Society Die – Splosion (microbit records)

VWT – She’s Syrup (4m@ records)

hamburguesa vegetal feat. xedh – vivan las fuentes (20kbps)

Marasmatronics Projet – Wow ghost (8Ravens)
from the album wow ghost

nobschestivo zrelischa / Society of specacle – a khujah vertelis’ my (microbit records)
from the album nobschestivo zrelischa / Society of specacle – huy i kot – semena

Jean Michel Blanchet – Solar Microbit Project acidDiscoRmx (top of the flops)
from the album Microbit Project – The Lost Tracks Collection II (TOTF005)

Stone Suckers – Shallow Grove is a great place to live (4m@ records)

interview jjoth of 8Ravens netlabel part 1

cryovolcano – the Blue witch (8Ravens)
from the album cryovolcano – 005

interview jjoth of 8Ravens netlabel part 2

jjoth – my funeral (8Ravens)
from the album My funeral

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Tibol lobit radio (episode one)

TIBOL lobit radio (episode 1)

hosted by dj Pollux
length: 1 hour and 28 seconds of a diverse collection of lobit music
interview/special guest : Toxic Chicken

llisten / download podcast:
listen / download archive.org:

*cat, Great – hometown jazz club elite cunts [32kbps]
on the album Shitty Bike EP (SEPPUKU+ netlabel)

*Microbit Project – ACIDrug [32kbps]
on the album Beat Box (Microbit-Records)

*Graffiti Mechanism – K-hole physics (8kbps rec)
on the album RED (8 Ravens)

*Pollux – Antarctica [8kbps]
on the album Antarctica [8 Ravens]

*Jimmy Slaughter – On The Motherfucking Run
on the album Northwave Gangsta (20kbps rec)

*Vivcaro – Oincaos [20kbps]
On the album Plautz3 (20kbps Rec)

*The Pink Blob – You Ruined My life [40kbps]
on the album you ruined my life (4m@)

*RedSk – Jammed Bluefisted [40kbps]
on the album JAMFISTED COLON BURNING BLUE (Microbit Records)

*Qygen – TetraHydroNOSTALGiA [48kbps]
on the album I AM IAMS HAMSTER HAM FEED ZOH (4m@)

*Cryovolcano – Deadbird Hailstorm [64kbps]
on the album 007 (Rejected netlabel)

*JKP – meeeooow [24kbps]
on the album bleep-bleep-booom-booom (20 kbps rec)

*jjoth – 9 [8kbps]
on the album Academaniac (8 Ravens)

*Mr Dee – Untitled [48kbps]
on the album untitled (4m@)

*neuroSampler – micMacro [40kbps]
on the album psyhop (microbit records)

*psycho mum – alarm alarm! [16kbps]
on the album the acid team (Microbit Records)


*Interview of Kai Nobuko (aka Toxic Chicken)


*Toxic Chicken – Micro Punk (Complete E.p) [16kbps]


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